Thursday, 30 April 2015

Discuss The Ways In Which The Extract Constructs The Representations Of Age

At the beginning of the extract we are introduced to two doctors (probable in their thirties) that seem to both have a very high status in the hospital which is shown from the fact a mid shot is used to show that they are both walking as equals and that they both carry themselves very confidently. There status is also highlighted by the medical jargon that they use, the white coats they wear and the equipment they carry such as clip boards and stethoscopes which shows that they are experienced professionals which is common for people their age.

In the next scene we are introduced to a boy (about 12 years old) who is evidently ill which is shown from the tube in his nose, the use of makeup also makes him appear weak, however the camera movement leads the audience to believe that he is on the same level as the doctor entering the room. This is shown from the fact that the camera pans and tilts lower as the doctor approaches the bed. Our belief that the boy is strong and independent is also highlighted by the way in which he talks, for example we find out that he self diagnosed himself and is aware that his illness is "fatal" which implies that he is independent which is very atypical for a boy of his age as they are usually seen as vulnerable and dependent on being protected by their parents, however this is the opposite with this boy as he has not told his mum about his condition to protect her, so it appears that the tables have turned. Overall the child is seen as intelligent and brave. The boy in the next scene juxtaposes the first boy as he is presented as weak by being distressed by an injury that is fairly minor compared to the illness of the first boy. The way this boy talks also suggests immaturity which is also highlighted by the fact that there is a-synchronised diegetic sound in the background of babies crying, people talking etc which also  shows that the environment is hectic, this representation of the child is more of a typical representation of a child.

Later on in the scene the audience is introduced to an old lady who is presented as a burden in a busy waiting room as well as being slightly mentally ill which is evident from the fact that she states that she is only in the waiting room because of the "air." The characters weakness is also highlighted by the fact that a high angle shot is established which shown the doctors dominance over her. This representation of the old woman is a fairly typical representation of old people as they are usually seen as incapable of doing things that younger people do they are also usually seen as inferior to young people.

In the next scene the audience is introduced to another doctor who is slightly older then the other staff in the hospital and seems to be in charge of everybody else in the room as he gives orders and insults another member of staff for making a mistake. The slight low angle shot used to show this character also emphasises his power. This is contrasted by the introduction of two new characters in the next scene who are younger then a lot of the other members of staff, they also seem to have more time on their hands the other members of staff as they are able to talk about thing that are unrelate to their jobs e.g. a holiday one of the two characters also is wearing less formal clothing compared to the older characters, this suggests that their role with the hospital may not be as demanding as the the older characters however they do still seem to be busy as they are constantly moving and doing something.     

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